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High reliabilty as no semi condurctor/ moving parts use.
Provide sine wave output irrespective of quality of input wave shape.
instantanous voltage regulation. .
output highly isolated from mains for supression of transients &spikes.
Shot-term over load capacity.
intrinsic current limiting & shot circuit protection.
High input voltage control range for load less than rated load
Place the cvt away from equipment and all magnestic display and stroge devices like diskettes monitors tapes etc
it is safer to connect cvt to maons supplay through a 3pin socket ensuring ensuring thereby the available of proper earth connections.
Switch on the cvt frist then the attached periphearls and while switching off switching off attached peripherals frist and then the cvt
In case off supply from a generator,cvt is not to be used if frequency variation is beyond 50+/ihz
Switch off the cvt when not in use
Load Caluculation Chart
Input Voltage 180-260V at rated load
output voltage 220/230+/=1%
frequency 50hz+/-1%
Responce time 30millisecond
Eficiency 90%(app) under full load condition
output wave from Sinusoidal
Wave from distortion Less than 4%under full load condition
Load power factor 0.75%lagto0.9%lead-5c
Ambient Temp -5to 50c
Effect of line frequency 1.5%(app) change in out put violtage for every frequency
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